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Meet representatives from academic departments, student organizations, administrative offices and more. Look for Information Marketplace tents in 3 clusters around campus: outside of Dwinelle & Wheeler Halls, in front of South Hall, and on Kroeber Lawn (just east of Kroeber Hall) to start shopping for the programs that interest you. No advance registration is required to attend Cal Day—just show up!

South Hall Location
Table No. Participant
94 Letters & Science (Undergraduate Advising)
Cal Band in front of South Hall
Kroeber Lawn
Table No. Participant
99 Anthropology
100 Archaeological Research Facility
101 Art Practice
104 Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA)
106 Cal Performances
102 History of Art
105 Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation
103 KALX Radio
Dwinelle & Wheeler Halls
Table No. Participant
15African American Studies
32 Air Force ROTC
1 American Studies (L&S)
32 Army ROTC
57 Basic Needs Center (Food & Housing Security) (CE3)
67 Berkeley Connect
70 Berkeley Hillel
58 Berkeley Hope Scholars (CE3)
72 Berkeley Lab Guest House
55 Berkeley News
84 Berkeley Student Cooperative
21 Berkeley Study Abroad
28 Botanical Garden
36 Building Blocks of Cognition Lab
88 Cal 1 Card
74 Climate: Cal Cares (SVSH Advisor)
89 Cal Dining
82 Cal Housing
92 Cal Parents
82 Cal Rentals
39 CalTeach
59 Cal Veteran Services Center (CE3)
75 Cal Zero Waste
68 Career Center
93 Center for Educational Partnerships (Kindergarten to College)
37 Center for Emerging and Neglected Diseases (CEND)
34 Center for Labor Research and Education (UC Berkeley Labor Center)
4 Classics
38 Clinical Research Center (Optometry)
45 Cognitive Science
5 Comparative Literature
3 Creative Writing
52 Data Science Program
6 Digital Humanities/Compass Courses
56 Disabled Students' Program (CE3)
22 Dual Degree Programs
30 Early Development & Learning Science
41 Earth and Planetary Science
50 Economics
60 Education Opportunity Program (CE3) (EOP)
73 Energy Office
14Ethnic Studies
85Fall Program for Freshmen
86 Food for Thought
10 French
2 Freshman and Sophomore Seminars
16 Gender and Women's Studies
9 German & Dutch Studies
20 Global Edge London Program
53 Global Poverty & Practice Minor
1 Interdisciplinary Studies Field (L&S)
35 Lawrence Hall of Science
26 Letters & Science Mentors Program
3 Media Studies
31 Mills College Collaboration
25 Music
44 Natural Resources
33 Navy ROTC
13 Near Eastern Studies
80 New Student Services
34 Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships
90 Parking & Transportation
46 Philosophy
54Political Science
49 Public Health
62 Re-entry Student Program (CE3)
76 Recreational Sports
81 Reunion and Parents Weekend at Homecoming
83 Residential Theme Living/Housing
12 Department of Scandinavian
11 Slavic Languages & Literature (Armenian, Czech, Polish, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Russian, Hungarian)
1A South & Southeast Asian Studies
8 Spanish & Portuguese
64 Starting Point Mentorship Program
66 Student Affairs IT/Student Technology Services
87 Student Learning Center
63 Student Parent Center (CE3)
23 Summer Bridge
18 Summer Minor in Journalism
19 Summer Sessions
24 Theater, Dance and Performance Studies
64 Transfer Student Center (CE3)
78UC Choral Ensembles
77UC Jazz Ensembles
27 Undergraduate Admissions
61 Undocumented Student Program (CE3)
65University Health Services
79 University of California Marching Band
Cal Day marketplace map for Dwinelle and Wheeler Halls