The City of Berkeley, in which the university is included, is immersed in a unique culture, filled with everything from gourmet dining, art museums, outdoor activities, to tech maker spaces. On this page, check out a few of the on and off campus attractions the City of Berkeley holds!

Paleontology: Campanile Fossils

Our Campanile is one of our most famous landmarks and is the third tallest clock and bell tower in the world! To make it even more fascinating, the Department of Paleontology uses a few of the tower’s floors to store fossils from the La Brea Tar Pits!

Cal Falcons

Since 2017, a pair of Peregrine falcons have nested and produced chicks near the top of the Campanile. They welcomed four eggs in March and Hatch Day was last Saturday! Check out this Hatch Day Q&A and see the falcons through the Cal Falcons webcam.

Berkeley Student Cooperative

The Berkeley Student Cooperative is a housing non-profit made up of 20 unique units. Our housing options are open to all students, with priority being given to students in the Educational Opportunity Program, Disabled Students Program, undocumented students, and transfer students. This specific tour showcases Kingman Hall, but you can see videos of other housing tours here and visit Berkeley Student Cooperative to learn more!

BAMPFA Student Committee

As a student-run organization that works with the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), we connect students with the museum and the larger Bay Area art scene by organizing events, publishing zines, curating exhibitions, writing blogs, and ultimately working to give a platform to student artists and enthusiasts in any way possible. If you are interested in the arts or museums, check out BAMPFA Student Committee!

Cal Performances

Cal Performances is the performing arts presenting, commissioning and producing organization based at the University of California, Berkeley. Their new Illuminations series features conversations with some of UC Berkeley’s brilliant minds! Their series of streaming performances, Cal Performances at Home, can be found here, most events available to stream on demand three months after debut!

CITRIS Invention Lab Tour

The CITRIS Invention Lab is a maker space on the UC Berkeley campus providing expertise, tools, materials, and support to design and prototype projects, and it is open to all members of the entire UC Berkeley community! The first tech maker space on the Berkeley campus when it opened in 2012, the Invention Lab’s resources consist of an array of traditional prototyping equipment that ranges from the basic craft tools to machining and electronics instruments. Learn more about the CITRIS Invention Lab Tour.

Fun with Physics at Cal Day

Although Cal Day is fully virtual this year, we want to give you a taste of what it would have been like on campus! Many departments would hold live lectures or presentations, open to the public. Check out these cool demonstrations from Professor Bob Jacobsen in the traditional Cal Day lecture, “Fun with Physics.”

Everyone’s a Little Berkeley

Congratulations, you made it to Cal Day — now explore all that Berkeley has to offer! Visit Berkeley is the city’s visitor hub with local tips and the official city of Berkeley Visitor’s Guide to make your time in Berkeley the very best! Check out the video to see if you’re “A Little Berkeley.” (hint: Everyone’s a Little Berkeley!)

UC Berkeley Library

The Library

Want to dip your toes into what the UC Berkeley Library has to offer? For Cal Week, we invite you to take a (virtual) spin through our spaces, collections, perks, and services. Delve into the libraries’ curated exhibits and check out more ways to explore the libraries here!

VBW Demo

Virtual Bauer Wurster brings you a virtual experience of the School of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. Students can post design work and interact with classmates inside their own 3D models. Guests can visit studios, leave feedback to students and interact with each other. Learn more and engage in the Virtual Bauer Wurster workspace.