I see the
world through

–Quinn, Class of 2014

I have an appreciation
of the impact we can
have on the earth.

–Carla Peterman,
  Energy and Resources, PhD

I had the freedom to follow
my curiosity.

–Randy Schekman,
  Nobelist and Cal Day Speaker

We are wired to
care, down to the
neurochemical level.

–Dacher Keltner,
  professor of psychology,
  Co-director of the Greater
  Good Science Center

If I hit a wall,
I just keep

  Norwegian Exchange Student

Victoria, Class of 2014
Lawrence Rinder, Museum Director, BAM
Justin Brashaes, Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Nancy Scheper-Hughes, professor of Anthropology
Chloe, Dreamer and Cal Day enthusiast
Wendy Sparks, Costume Director of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies
Silvia Bunge, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Lauren, University of Delhi, India, 2003

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